Mikhail Romanov Biography

Mikhail Romanov is an acclaimed jazz prodigy of the piano, who at age 23 won the 2009 Grand-Prix in Russia’s prestigious “Piano in Jazz” competition, held annually in Moscow.

The pianist, composer and arranger, winner of many international competitions in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, has played with some of the most celebrated jazz artists in America and Russia, including George Garzone, Neal Smith, Steve Davis, Valery Ponomarev, David Goloshekin, and Aleksandr Oseychuk.

He has toured widely in Russia as leader of his own jazz ensembles, most notably “Graduation 2012” and “Ural Jazz Trio.” A DVD of one of these live concerts was released in 2013.

Mikhail Romanov Recordings

"Mikhail is a young, brilliant pianist with deep, expressive sound and great technique"

− Alexandr Oseichuk, Saxophonist, professor at the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music

"His work ethic is incredible"

− Igor Bril, Pianist, professor at the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music

"Having a big experience of working on the jazz scene I can say that Mikhail is a really great piano player with a huge talent and amazing skill"

− Valery Ponomarev, Trumpeter, composer, arranger

"Mikhail demonstrates a thorough understanding of the jazz piano tradition and an almost encyclopedic knowledge of jazz piano technique and styles"

− George Garzone, Saxophonist, composer, educator

"I am certain that Mikhail will continue to develop into a major artist in the world of jazz on an international level"

− Neal Smith, Drummer, educator